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Mobile racks


Nowadays many archives of different companies are having problems archiving and storing documents. The most common "trouble" is lack of space. Efficient space-saving mobile racks will help you deal with the ever-increasing amount of stored documents. They help to archive twice as many documents as a standard archive of the same size.

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Mobile rack properties
flexibility to customize shelf dimensions to customer requirements
two-sided or one-sided height adjustable shelves
mobile racks with open shelves
mobile racks with lockable, sliding doors
mobile racks for drawings, clothes, cloth rolls

  1. Mobile racks have a durable frame that provides durability and durability; shelves are made of sheet metal.
  2. All parts are made with no sharp corners and are safe to use. Painted with resistant powder enamel. There is a choice of color.
  3. Double-sided mobile racks have partitions and supports that prevent documents from moving to the other side of the shelf.
  4. Mobile racks are moved by turning a three-piece handle mounted on the front wall of the rack. The handle is equipped with a mobile rack locking mechanism to prevent accidental misalignment.
  5. The locking mechanism may be equipped with a lock to protect the archived documents from unauthorized access. Mobile racks have built-in brakes and supports to prevent damage to the mechanisms by moving them incorrectly.
  6. The high quality sealed bearing system used in the machines requires no additional maintenance or periodic maintenance.
  7. The front walls of the racks (above the handles) provide space for information on documents stored in a specific unit.
  8. Mobile racks are customized to accommodate the specialized needs of museums or libraries, and come with special holders for photos, maps and other exhibits.
  9. Mobile racks can not only be slid sideways, but can also be extended lengthwise. The mesh frames are extended horizontally on the guide rails to hold the collections upright. The operation of the shelves is very convenient and easy.
  10. Our company specialists can design and implement archiving projects using stationary racks or mobile racking systems according to the individual needs of each client.
    We will respond to each request in short terms. We will offer useful, optimal and functional solutions.
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